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Revving up the streets: New Germany’s weekly summer car show begins June 1

Beginning June 1, Broadway Street in New Germany may be filled with classic cars and other vehicles as part of a new car show. Fat Boyz, Heimy’s Place, and the T-Road Tavern will all be organizing the shows, which will take place every Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. through Aug.

Residents of New Germany will soon have the chance to check out classic cars in their town every week thanks to the introduction of car shows that are set to last throughout the summer.
Beginning June 1, New Germany will begin hosting the weekly car shows, which will take place each Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. on Broadway Street.
The shows will feature classic cars parked on each side of the street for residents to enjoy. The shows will also feature motorcycles, trucks, and tractors along with the cars.
The shows will be organized by local establishments Fat Boyz, Heimy’s Place, and T-Road Tavern, who will also be providing food at each event.
Fat Boyz will mostly be grilling burgers outside on the sidewalk, Heimy’s Place will team up with local butcher shop Schroeder Meats to provide food, and T-Road Tavern will focus on offering smoked food. Those in attendance can purchase beverages at the open bar, check out the cars, and listen to the live music planned for the shows throughout the summer.
Russ Rolf, the owner of Fat Boyz, said that the idea for the shows first came about after seeing the success of other local car shows in the area. He and the other establishments’ owners hope their car show will also find similar success. “It’s going to be fun. We want both sides of the streets filled with classic cars all the way down to the T-road. That is what we are hoping for,” Rolf said.
Rolf also said that the city has been very supportive of the idea and that it will allow him and the other bar owners to direct traffic as needed in the event that the streets become congested. “Starting June 1, on Thursdays, nobody parks on the sides of the street except for classic cars,” he said.
Those wishing to display their vehicles in the car shows are encouraged to sign up by one of the three bars. However, Rolf said that anyone could ultimately show up with their vehicle and be included. Rolf also stated that the shows are not exclusively for residents of New Germany and that anyone in the area interested in attending is welcome to do so.

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