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City of Hamburg


Welcome to our city!

The City of Hamburg is dedicated to providing efficient quality service by working in partnership with individuals, neighborhoods, and businesses, to enhance the quality of life and to create a healthy, vibrant community in which to live, work, and visit.

Hamburg Community Hall is located at 351 Henrietta Avenue, and is available for rent for events and activities, including wedding dances and receptions. It features seating for more than 400, a large dance floor, and bar. For more information, contact city hall at 952-467-3232.

History of the City of Hamburg

Shortly after the signing and finalization of the Indian treaties of Mendota and Traverse des Sioux in 1852, the government opened the land for settlement.

A large number of German immigrants moved into the area of the Hamburg community. However, the city was non-existent, until 1881, when the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway was built, designating a “stopping place” at the site.

J.D. Roeders, original owner of the townsite, soon started platting the town, naming the streets after his daughters –  Sophia, Maria, Henrietta, and Louisa – and these names are still used, as well as many of the first buildings in the city.

In 1897, the city was incorporated when the required population of 150 was attained. However, the first official council meetings did not take place until 1900.

Early businesses in the city were general stores, a blacksmith shop, hardware store, and, of course, the local “refreshment parlor.”

The railroad furnished many more businesses to spring up; a sawmill, harness shop, draying, and even a hotel.

Hamburg is located in a rich agricultural area, often referred to as “The Golden Buckle of the Dairy Belt.”

Government Directory

The Hamburg City Council meets the second Tuesday (and at times the fourth Tuesday, only if a second monthly meeting is deemed necessary by the city council) each month beginning at 7 p.m.

Any regular meeting date falling on a holiday shall be rescheduled and take place at the time and place set by the city council at a regularly scheduled meeting.

All meetings are open to the public, and all residents are encouraged to attend. If you wish to be on the agenda, contact city hall by 4:30 p.m. the Thursday prior to the meeting.

Mayor and City Council

Mayor Chris Lund – term expires December 2022; email clund@CityofHamburgMN.com.

Council Member Jason Buckentin – term expires December 2020; email jbuckentin@CityofHamburgMN.com.

Council Member Scott Feltmann – term expires December 2022.

Council Member Eric Poppler – term expires December 2022; email epoppler@cityofhamburgmn.com.

Council Member/Vice Mayor Tim Tracy – term expires December 2020; email ttracy@CityofHamburgMN.com.

City Administration

City Clerk/Treasurer Jeremy Gruenhagen – 952-467-3232; email cityadmin@CityofHamburgMN.com.

Deputy Clerk/Utility Billing Clerk Tamara Bracht – 952-467-3232; email DeputyClerk@CityofHamburgMN.com.

Maintenance/Utilities Greg Schultz – 952-467-3803; email publicworks@CityofHamburgMN.com.

Hamburg Fire Chief Scott Anderson – 952-467-3178; email chief1@CityofHamburgMN.com.

Emergency Manager Brad Droege – 952-467-3178.

Parks & Recreation

The city of Hamburg offers two primary locations for outdoor recreation within it’s city limits.

Hamburg Bicentennial Park 

Hamburg’s largest park, the Hamburg Bicentennial Park offers a number of amenities.

It includes two baseball/softball fields with spectator bleachers, a basketball court, restroom facilities, a playground, swing sets, a picnic area with a shelter, a veteran’s memorial site, and walking paths.

A staple of the Hamburg community, many events are hosted at this location, and it is a popular destination on sunny summer afternoons.

Hawks Park

Home to the Hamburg Baseball Field, and the Hamburg Hawks, Hamburg’s amateur baseball team, Hawks Park is the go-to destination for baseball fun.

With games taking place throughout the warmer months, Hawks Park is a popular community destination for summer entertainment.


Organizations in Hamburg, websites, and emails include:

Baseball Club


Hamburg Fire Department

952-467-3178; hamburgfd.com/; email hamburgfiredepartment@gmail.com

Hamburg Hunting & Fishing Club

www.hamburghuntingandfishingclub.org/; email josh@hamburghuntingandfishingclub.org

Hamburg Lions Club

952-467-2211; www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/hamburgmn/

Hawks Park is located at 396-408 Sophia Avenue in Hamburg.
Bicentennial Park is located at 614 Park Avenue in Hamburg.
A veterans memorial is located in Bicentennial Park.